Let us show you how you can feed a dog real food.. Small or large for less then a expensive bag of kibble!

It is by far, the healthiest diet out there!
First and foremost, your dog is a carnivore. That means they love to eat other animals.

Dogs will happily eat the internal organs, the meat, and the bones from other animals. It doesn?t matter whether you are talking about a Chihuahua, a Poodle or a Great Dane?they love to eat this way!

Dogs may be able to survive on kibble dog food but they do not thrive.
Dogs are carnivores Raw meat diets are NOT, ?high? in protein as many people are inclined to think.
A SARF diet is approx. 16% - 20% protein.
(This being the protein percentage of most meats.
The remainder is 75% - 80% water, and approximately 5% combined
fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.)
Many kibble dog foods contain protein levels of 22% - 26% .
Many puppy foods contain protein near the 30% mark.
This is too much protein for a growing pup!
Over the past 50 - 70 years (depending on the country) that kibble feed has become commonplace,
many ailments have surfaced in the canine population - including:
- skin allerigies
- diabetes
- cancer
- weakened immune systems
- gum disease and tooth decay
- hyper activity
- ?dog? smell
- phobic problems
- weight problems
- ear and eye ailments
- allergies to cooked protein sources or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Most of this can be reversed by switching your dog to a Raw Meat and Bone Diet.
There are many many sites where you can find more information on feeding your dogs raw.
We are currently offering our 15 years of exp in feeding a raw diet to Our Great Danes.
let us help figure out your diet, feel free to ask
switching from Kibble is very easy.. ask us..
Here are a few of the deals we can pass to you in order to keep it reasonably priced for everybody.

Let us show you how you can feed a dog real food.. Small or large for less then a expensive bag of kibble!

Fresh ground chicken backs bone in packed in 5 lb bags then frozen.
you add your own mixes ..like your hunting meat or fruit/veggies and save$$$

75 cents lb min 50 lb / 23 kg order = $37.50


75% Ground chicken bone in..25% ground free range beef/bison with some muscle meat

$1.35 lb 50 lb min order
50lbs /23kg min order = $67.50 this is less $$$ then most
high end kibbles in a 16kg bag!

weekly runs to Saskatoon... Regina and Moosejaw is possible too.