Smokie is a wonderful female miniature bull terrier and it deeply saddens us that she needs a new home due to drastic changes in family circumstances. She was purchased as a show prospect but really ended up being a great pet quality dog instead, she is still intact but we would prefer her to be spayed so I am willing to make some adjustment to my asking price to help out with that to the right family.
Smokie currently lives with 3 other dogs and has been wonderful with all dogs of every age, size and breed that she has met. I don't have cats so don't know how she'd react to them but I believe she would be absolutely fine if introduced properly.
Smokie weighs aprox 25 lbs and is inexpensive to feed, and has no health issues. Her energy level is moderate and only requires short walks on a nice day or a brief romp in the yard. She is trained to walk on the treadmill as well so that's a wonderful winter exercise option. She is a breeze to groom and only sheds a little and travels wonderfully in the car either in or out of a crate.
Smokie is fully house trained, leash and crate trained and is exceptional in the house never bothering a thing but keep in mind we do always keep appropriate toys out for her to play with. Bullies don't usually do well left with full run of the house so it's important that she be crated when you aren't home.
Smokie is very comical as most bullies are, she has an adorable way of speaking, again as most bullies do. All in all she is a fantastic dog and it will be hard to let her go but she deserves a wonderful home that has the time for her and we don't want to deny her of that. Smokie is AKC registered, and can be CKC registered if that if of interest to anyone. Smokie will come with some personal items and a few days of her food. Please feel free to contact me for further information on this lovely girl. You can reply to this add, or call Lana at 934- (home) or call or text Lana at 221-.
Thank you.